[(A Miracle in Waiting )] [Author: Paul Hellyer] [Apr-2010] par Paul Hellyer

[(A Miracle in Waiting )] [Author: Paul Hellyer] [Apr-2010]

Titre de livre: [(A Miracle in Waiting )] [Author: Paul Hellyer] [Apr-2010]


Auteur: Paul Hellyer

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Paul Hellyer avec [(A Miracle in Waiting )] [Author: Paul Hellyer] [Apr-2010]

A Miracle in Waiting In A Miracle in Waiting Paul Hellyer pulls no punches. First published in 1996 under the title Surviving the Global Financial Crisis: The Economics of Hope for Generation X Hellyer maintained that the monetarist counter-revolution has been one monumental flop and predicted in the first two paragraphs that a meltdown was inevitable. The entire book was prophetic and should be read in that context. Hellyer argued that the federal deficit is nothing but a red herring that detracts from more fundamental issues such as the monetary system which, stripped of all the holy water that has been poured on it over the years, is nothing more than the perpetuation of a sc...