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Never mind the US election, people are FURIOUS about the new Toblerone shape.Iconic Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone has upset its customers in the United Kingdom by substantially widening the gap between the triangular chunks of two.

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Toblerone Changes Its Iconic Candy Bar Shape and

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Guys, this is not a drill: Toblerone have changed the shape of their bars in the UK, and the entire internet is freaking out.Mondelez explained that it chose to change the shape over raising the price because.

Why Toblerone Changed Its Shape, And Fans Aren't Happy

Toblerone Chocolate Bar Design Overhaul Outrages Fans

Mondelez International has increased the gaps between the individual triangles of Toblerone in the U.K., leaving many fans very angry.

This morning I woke to the heartbreaking news that Toblerone will change the weights and style of its bars.

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No, not the date the 45th president of the United States was elected, but the day.

Toblerone alters shape of 2 chocolate bars, and fans are

In other upsetting news of the day, Mondelez International, the makers of Swiss.Last month, the company announced a change in the shape of their chocolate in the UK cost reasons.The newly designed Toblerone bars will noticeable decrease the amount of chocolate that customers will receive when buying the bar, but the price will remain.

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Chocolate Lovers Aren't Sweet On Toblerone's Triangle Change

The reaction of the majority of everyone was great shock, anger, and dismay.Toblerone, the legendary triangular Swiss chocolate, is making a change for better or for worse.The change, announced on the Toblerone Facebook page is in keeping. and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times.A change in a popular chocolate is causing an uproar in Britain as Toblerone makes changes to the famous triangular shape.

Toblerone Changes Shape of Their Chocolate Bars and

Of all the chocolate bars in all the world, why would anyone mess with Toblerone.

Toblerone Changes Its Iconic Candy Bar Shape and the Chocolate World Goes Crazy. blamed rising ingredient prices for the change.Mondelez recently changed the shape of its Toblerone chocolate bar in the United Kingdom, but we promise it will be okay.

Toblerone fans are heartbroken after the chocolate bar's

Whatever the ultimate reason for the change, Toblerone customers in the UK — like your long-suffering parents — are more disappointed than angry.But the maker of the Swiss chocolate bar, Mondelez International, just made a change to that shape that.

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Toblerone Chocolate Change Causes Uproar In Britain

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Toblerone is known for its unique, triangle-shaped chocolate.Toblerone Just Changed Its Iconic Chocolate Shape and...

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Very much seen as festive time treat in our house the Toblerone is a very tasty triangle of goodness indeed.

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Popular chocolate bar Toblerone is changing its iconic triangular shape, angering loyal chocolate lovers in the U.K. who are blaming Brexit.

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TOBLERONE have faced a furious customer backlash after changing the shape of its famous distinctive chocolate bars.Chocolate maker, Mondelez International Inc., made the decision in.

Toblerone changes shape of chocolate bars and fans are outraged In this photo illustration two bars of the Toblerone Swiss chocolate are shown, at front is the new.The maker of Toblerone, Mondelez International in Deerfield, Ill., said that pricing targets by British discount customer Poundland prompted the change in Britain.Toblerone Changed Its Iconic Shape And, Suffice To Say, People Are Not Taking It Well.

Toblerone triangle change upsets fans - Jewish Business

This change reduced the weight of what had been the 400g (now 360g) and 170g (now 150g) bars, other sizes of bar were.

The verdict is out: The new Toblerone shape is a fail

You have just made me super hungry for nothing but cake for the.

Toblerone, the iconic chocolate bar found at airport duty-free shops everywhere, is undergoing a bit of a makeover in the United Kingdom.