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Not only does testosterone fuel the passion for. biology, neuroscience, and.Testosterone, the principal male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid.

BIOLOGY OFREPRODUCTION 17,645-649 (1977) 645 EffectsofEstrogensonTesticular Testosterone Production invitro A.BARTKE, K.I.H.WILLIAMS and S.DALTERIO.Please contribute to this project, if you have more information about this term feel free to edit this page.

Steroid definition, as used in chemistry, chemical engineering, and physics.

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Hormone Health Network breaks down what testosterone is and what it does.Culture is Part of Human Biology Why the Superorganic Concept Serves the Human Sciences Badly Peter J.

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Testosterone is the most important male hormone and is responsible for the changes boys go through to become men as they go through puberty.

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FSH initiates spermatogenesis and LH signals the release of testosterone. Biology Textbooks Boundless Biology Animal.

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Antonyms for biology. 2 synonyms for biology: biological science, biota.

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Steroid definition, any of a large group of fat-soluble organic compounds, as the sterols, bile acids, and sex hormones, most of which have specific physiological action.

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Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid.Define testosterone: medical: a substance (called a hormone) that occurs naturally in men and male animals.

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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.Online Biology Dictionary - T to TYR: Meanings of biology terminology and abbreviations starting with the letter T.

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Testing for sex steroid hormones (estradiol, estriol, estrone, progesterone, and testosterone).While a hormone such as testosterone (produced in the testes) reaches all cells in the body,.

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The test of testosterone, LH and GnRH hormones concentration was performed by ELISA method on serums after separating serum by.In men, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as.

Biology Basics Cells Genetics Organisms Anatomy Physiology Botany Ecology Chemistry.Welcome to our reviews of the Online Biology Courses with Lab (also known as schedule ii controlled substance definition).Prenatal exposure to testosterone impairs oxidative damage repair efficiency in the domestic chicken.The role and effects of testosterone are important to both males and females.Testosterone is the principle male sex hormone and is responsible for reproductive growth and development in male vertebrates.


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In mammals, testosterone is primarily secreted in the testes of males and the ovaries of females, although.

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Cholic acid, a bile acid, showing the carboxylic acid and additional hydroxyl groups often present.